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Personalized Financial advice

The company Defferard & Lanz is specialised in advising private clients by analyzing their overall financial situation and optimizing their mortgage. 



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Accounts advice

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Elvira Cerezo has been in the real estate business for over ten years. She first formed a team of agents specializing in real estate. She is still active in Real Estate, specially for institutional Investors.

Legal and Financial advice

Our network of lawyers and financial advisers allows us to serve our customers according to their needs.

Real Estate: Trust know-how!

Who are we? 

Our company has been active for a decade in the  real estate sector, brokerage, sale of properties for institutional investors, selling  houses and apartments for the private sector. We are listening to our  customers, whether large or private investors in search of their property, and  respond to their needs and requirements.

Our institutional customers

Most of our services concern institutional  investors, such as banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and real estate  funds. Our company is very well  introduced to the real estate managements of these institutions. Most of our properties are targeted to the demand  of these institutions, and we treat them with utmost confidentiality.

Our private clients

We are also active in the area of ​​villas, houses and  apartments. With highly qualified partners, we are able to offer other related  services, for private buyers such as personalized financial advice and  mortgage optimization. We accompany them throughout their property  search, to the signing at the notary. For owners, we offer appraisal of the property, development, advertising, negotiation, and organization of the deed of sale.

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