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Personalized Financial advice

The company Defferard & Lanz is specialised in advising private clients by analyzing their overall financial situation and optimizing their mortgage. 



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Accounts advice

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Elvira Cerezo has been in the real estate business for over ten years. She first formed a team of agents specializing in real estate. She is still active in Real Estate, specially for institutional Investors.

Legal and Financial advice

Our network of lawyers and financial advisers allows us to serve our customers according to their needs.


For our institutional customers:

We search for you desidered items by geography, type and the minimum amount of the acquisition. We then look  for targeted items in the interest of your institution. We are present in all  negotiations in your benefit, in order to get you the best price. We support you during the entire transaction, until the signing of the contract, and take an active role to resolve any issues that may  occur throughout the process.

For private buyer customers:

We assist you  in your research and offer you property that matches your expectations. We are  present in all negotiations, in order to arrive at the best prices in the  interest of all parties. Our financial advisers are able to analyze  your overall financial situation and advise you in order to obtain the best  mortgage. We are at your side throughout the process, until the signing of the  deed at the notary.

For private owner customers:

We make an estimate of your  property, price based on the item and the market. We value your property at our best, with help from partners such as Homegate and Immoscout24, among others. We create detailed documentation on your complements, and are on your side throughout the negotiations, in order to help you find the best deal in the  interest of both parties. We also coordinate efforts with the notary  and accompany you up to the signing of the contract.


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